We are a PADI 5 Stars Instructor Development Center (IDC). We have the Dive Shop Office in Mae Haad, situated right by the Lomprayah High Speed Catamaran’s Pier. Mae Haad is the little "downtown" where you arrive with the boat. Look for the big sign with “Easy Divers” written on it.

PADI Open Water Diver Course (OW)

This gives you a lifetime diving ticket to the underwater world. We start an OW course everyday at 4:00 p.m. and we take maximum 6 students per instructor per course. We teach in English, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Spanish, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Japanese and Thai. There is some medical questionnaire that needs to be completed before start of the course. The OW course consists of 3 main parts: Dive Theory, Shallow Water Skills and Open Water Dives.The Dive Theory consists of a PADI manual with 5 Chapters, 5 vdos and Knowledge reviews and a 3 Classroom sessions with your PADI Instructors. After the 5th Chapter there is a Final Exam with 50 questions, multiple choices. You need to score 75% or more. The system is well designed so after all the lectures you will find that you've acquired a lot of diving knowledge in a relatively short time. 

The Water Work consists of Confined Water Training and 4 Open Water Dives.

The Confined Water Training is conducted either in a nice, calm and shallow area in the sea, or if the conditions are not too favorable in a pool.  We prefer to do it in the ocean as you then get used to the saltwater environment straight away, and of course there are more interesting things to look at in the sea compared to in a swimming pool.

You have to complete 4 Open Water Training Dives after done all confined water training sessions. We make 2 training dives per day with your maximum depth not exceed 12 meters (Dive 1+2) and 18 meters (Dive 3+4).

Congratulations, you are a diver. When you finished your Open Water course there will be 2 options. Either you go to do the PADI Advanced Open Water Course or do some Fun Dives with special price for our ex-student.




PADI Course 3 days
Day One
10:30-12:00   Easy Divers OfficeOrientation + Video
12:30-17:30  On the Dive BoatConfined water training+OW dive 1(12 meter)
18:30-20:30  Classroom
Day Two
08:30-11:30 ClassroomAcademics Session + Video
13:00-17:30On the Dive BoatConfined water training + OW dive 2
Day Three
08:00-11:30On the Dive BoatOW dive 3 & 4 ( 18 meter)
12:30-13:30 Certification Card
 PADI Course 4 days
Day One 
16:00Easy Divers OfficeOrientation + Video
Day Two
08:30ClassroomAcademics Session + Video
12:30Ready to go on the Dive BoatConfined water training + OW Dive 1
Day Three
08:30ClassroomAcademics Session + Video and Final Exam
(bring the manual + dive planner, RDP)
12:30Ready to go on the Dive BoatConfined water training + OW Dive 2
Day Four
07:30Ready to go on the Dive BoatOpen water training dives 3 + 4 (18 meters)
P r i c e s • 2 0 16 - 2017
PADI Scuba Review
2,000 THB
Discover Scuba Diver
2,500 THB
Open Water Diver   9,800 THB
Adventure Diver On request
Advanced Open Water
8,500 THB
3,500 THB
Rescue Diver
9,500 THB
25,000 THB
10% Discount on continuing education courses.

All courses prices except the Divemaster course include personal set of PADI materials



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