PADI Divemaster Course (DM)


About the DM course, when you enroll in this program, most of the time the reason is that you want to be able to get work as a Divemaster and maybe later on become an Instructor. As a Divemaster Trainee you will learn how to assist an instructor with students. You will assist also Open Water Course, Advanced Course and Rescue Course.

In the DM course, you have 8 Dive Theory Exams: Dive Planning, Dive Management and Control, Supervising Students in Training, Physics, Physiology, Equipment, Dive Tables and Skills and Environment. They are all multiple choice and you need to score 75% to pass. Regarding the waterworks you need to do the following: 800 m. snorkel swim, 400 m. swim, 15 min. treading water, 100 m. tired diver tow and a Rescue Assessment. You also need to do Skill Demonstrations which we call 20 Skill Circuit.

The Divemaster jobs will mainly entail organize the dive trips, organize the dive boats, sort the equipment out for the customers, do boat briefings, make sure everything is working and safety on the dive boat, do dive briefings, leading divers under water or supervise from the boat, rinse diving equipment, make sure nothing is lost, prepare torches for night dives, maintain diving equipment etc. Easy Divers opinion is that a PADI Divemaster Course that just fulfills the standards is not going to make you an employable Divemaster.

Therefore we designed an "Extended Divemaster Course". This course prepares you for all types of tasks that can be assigned to a Divemaster to do. You will have a wide knowledge of how about Dive Center Operation, not only be able to take people diving. The most important part i.e. leading dives, organizing the trips, ensure safety on the boat and in the water.

Apart from assisting your instructor with courses, you will also go out on the boats that take fun divers. To begin with you will observe and dive. When you dive, you will initially follow a group of divers that is lead by the Certified Divemaster. Once you feel confident, we'll let you lead divers with the Divemaster at the end of the group. This way you can get important feed back about your performance.  When you and we feel that you are ready we will let you take diver on your own but small groups to start with. You will also learn to give boat briefings and will practice that in real life getting feed back from the Instructor and the Divemaster. We believe that our method using small steps at a time is a fantastic way to build up your confidence level and prepare you for your future employment. By the end of your time with us you will really be able to arrange and pull off a successful dive trip on your own.

If you calculate that price and divide with the number of dives you'll be able to do during your course it gets incredibly cheaper dives and on top of that you get a certification with which you can travel around the world and get employed in the most beautiful places. Diving is great fun and a great profession for sea lovers. A basic DM Course can be done in 2 weeks but it's not the best way to attain this professional level.  We'd suggest you set aside at least 4 weeks and for the extended program couple of weeks more.

Instructor Development Course


Working as a Professional Dive Instructor can be one of the most rewarding and challenging jobs a person can have. In addition to the inherent joys of introducing others to an environment with so many hidden wonders,  today’s dive instructors find themselves in an ever-expanding and diversifying market with new opportunities arising almost daily.

The Easy Divers Instructor Development Course (IDC) aims to prepare new instructors to meet and take advantage of those opportunities. Conducted by Course Director of Koh Tao Easy Divers, our IDC follows a proven educational approach which focuses on real-life application of knowledge gained throughout the course. Business principles, marketing strategies and how to increase earnings through Instructor-level continuing education programs, are all addressed and discussed throughout the program. In addition, Koh Tao Easy Divers’ newest, most comfortable and best-equipped classroom will ensure that the course will be done in an environment conducive to learning. In fact, Easy Divers is the only IDC center on the island with a perfect success rate on the PADI Instructor Exam (IE).

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The Training

The strength of the Easy Divers IDC lies in the training. Having participated in IDC’s for nearly 7 years and seeing nearly a thousand candidates through to the successful completion of the Instructor Exam.

The Schedule

The Easy Divers IDC schedule is another of its advantages. Conducted over 14 days and including free lunches at some of the best restaurants on Koh Tao, our program follows one of the most relaxed yet effective training schedules around. All candidates attending the IDC will begin with a preparation course which will allow us to shore up any lost or unclear Divemaster theory and work on skills training in our on-site confined water training facility. This will be followed by an 11-day AI/OWSI program which will include one and a half days of EFR Instructor training. Most days are split pretty evenly between water work and classroom time. Though this schedule is a bit longer than many others, we feel that the shorter days (usually finished by 4- 5:00pm) allow for an enhanced retention of the material covered. The last 2 days before the PADI IE we will conduct a mock IE on our premises. This is just a chance to build confidence and prove your readiness on the days before you progress to the IE. This schedule assures success on the 3-day Instructor Exam. As with all IDC Centers on Koh Tao, we guarantee success on the exam and will pay for a second if needed. The difference is our candidates have never needed it.

Instructor Materials and PADI Fees

In addition to the package prices below, all candidates must have some required training materials. We sell an IDC crew pack including Instructor Candidate Workbook, Instructor Manual, Confined and Open Water Training slates, Confined and Open Water Aquatic Cue Cards and eRDP for 17,000 baht. In addition all candidates will need their own RDP (Table and Wheel version), Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving and Diving Knowledge Workbook.


Beyond the IE

For those looking to solidify their skills, knowledge and training after the Instructor Exam, many find it advantageous to enroll in the Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT) program. Here you will team teach your first courses under the supervision of our experienced staff and be given valuable training tips and advice on how to enhance those principles learned on the IDC. In addition, you will receive up to 10 PADI Specialty Instructor ratings which will allow you to increase your earning potential by offering Specialty Diver ratings in areas such as Nitrox, Deep, Re-breather and many more.

Many continue on to the IDC Staff Instructor course which allows you to join another IDC, this time from a different point of view. Here you will be grounded in evaluation skills and have the opportunity to work with students on their own IDC’s.

Silver Package

Includes 13-day AI/OWSI program, 1 day Emergency First Response Instructor course, free lunches, accommodation discount for 17 nights and a pass guarant 1,080 USD


Gold Package

Includes 13-day AI/OWSI program, 1 day Emergency First Response Instructor course, free lunches, accommodation discount for 17 nights and a pass guarantee. Also includes Master Scuba Diver Trainer with up to 10 PADI Specialties (Nitrox available) and a minimum of 25 certifications in a variety of PADI courses 1,620 USD


Platinum Package

Includes 13-day AI/OWSI program, 1 day Emergency First Response Instructor course, free lunches, accommodation discount for 17 nights, pass guarantee, Master Scuba Diver Trainer with up to 10 PADI  Specialties (Nitrox available) and a minimum of 25 certifications in a variety of PADI courses. Also includes IDC Staff Instructor course. 2,120 USD